Barry Welch – Chair, Peter Robey – Vice-chair, Dennis Poole – Treasurer,
Sally Bartlett – Secretary, Rev Will Gibbs – Pastoral Care,
Peta Gunson – Safeguarding Lead, Steve Lillywhite – Street Representative Coordinator.

Redbourn Care Group

The Trustees have been heartened enormously as over the years, the services of the Care Group have been able to help even more people in the village of all ages and with all manner of needs. But this has been achieved at a growing cost, not only financially but also in demands on our many volunteers. At the same time, the rules and regulations governing charitable activities have become increasingly onerous. Meeting the demands of these legal requirements have placed a very heavy burden on everyone involved, with the constant threat of serious consequences if we drop any of the balls. This means more checking, more paperwork, and more training. Like many other small charities, this has caused us to bring in a contracted professional to manage our daily volunteer work to help us deal with these demands.

Rising costs are reflected in the sizeable annual fiscal deficit. For the last few years, the Care Group has enjoyed the security of a generous bequest of a grateful client in 2010, but this buffer is steadily eroding. Because of this, Care Group Trustees and members decided to form a sister charity, the Redbourn Care Trust, which it is hoped will give us access to much-needed grants from donors outside the village that, for various technical reasons, are currently closed to us.

The Redbourn Care Trust has been created to support the Care Group, to sustain its care activities in the future, and to take over the awarding of grants to organisations, and worthwhile projects in the village. This is the major challenge for the future: continuing the care work that is at the heart of our existence, to do it better, and to keep the charity in a healthy financial state.


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