Recognising and valuing volunteers

How lucky is Redbourn Care Group to have such a committed bunch of volunteers………………five active volunteers have a total of 153 years between them! The longest serving has given 34 years and four others were also recognised for having over 25 years each: Lyn Paynter, Jenny Wynn, Connie Crawley, Diane Whiskin and Shirley Holtey.

In addition, six car drivers, couriers and minibus drivers retired this year after long service: John Fisher, David Waghorn, Brian Brasier, Alasdair Auchinvole, Maxine Kerry and John Bartlett. These people’s generous contribution was acknowledged at the AGM on 18 October in the Village Hall.

Redbourn Redkites Netball Team

A very big thank you to Redbourn Redkites Netball team for raising money for the Care Group. Well done to Sarah for the Half Marathon and also the the team for raffle donation. Please find them at

New Care Bus

Thanks to West Herts Charity Trust and local donors for generously providing RCG with a new minibus. Drivers and couriers have completed their training and familiarisation sessions so you should see the bus travelling around the roads in Redbourn. Give us a wave!


Care Bus Bird Rescue

Interested in the group at St Mary’s Day Centre, this rather tame ‘parrot’ (can anyone identify the species?) swooped around before settling on the church porch to watch the comings and goings. Alan gently coaxed it down, initially to his head, then onto his arm where he persuaded it to sit on Margie’s shoulder. Tracy called the local vets (Nine Lives) who agreed to take care of it. It was very well behaved, sitting calmly in Tracey’s lap during the journey to the High Street. Might this be the most unusual passenger ever to appreciate a ride in Redbourn’s Care Bus?

If you have a Care Bus story, please email

 Redbourn Care Group win the High Sheriff’s Personal Award

In March the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire visited the Care Group to present the High Sheriff’s Personal Award. It was fantastic for everyone who is part of Redbourn Care Group to be recognised for all of the hard work and dedication that happens on a daily basis.


The New Minibus!

By the time you read this the interior fitting out process should be complete. The Citroen Relay L4H2 440 comes as a blank van and will be furnished with a PA system; front/rear parking alarms; front/rear camera; darkened windows; access for up to two wheelchairs (by taking out seats if needed); 15 seats including the driver’s seat, but we asked for a single front passenger seats and the first row to have only two seats to give us room just inside the side door; this will give us 13 seats.

This minibus has come to the Care Group via a donation from West Herts Charity Trust. Additional donations from local residents have ensured the working group’s requested specifications are included. We are extremely grateful for everyone’s contribution whether it is financial or giving their time and expertise.

The final stages involve testing and registration by the Department of Transport. It will be a source of great pleasure to see this fine new bus on the roads around Redbourn providing much-needed transport for so many local residents in the village. It is a bus for the whole community and is often available in the evenings or at weekends, so do call the office to find out if your group would qualify.


Annual Celebration of Volunteering

In honour of the enormous amount of voluntary hours freely given by our members each year, we like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to them all by inviting each of them to come along with a guest to our annual party. This was held at the end of January, attended by around 70 people and a jolly good time was had by all. A recent survey revealed that our members stay with us on average for 11 ½ years, making their individual contribution really valuable and worthwhile to us as a charity and a committed source of help to our clients.

“Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless but because they are priceless”

What helped make the evening extra special was the presentation to us of a cheque for £1,207 by “Three Crafty Ladies” who had been selling their beautifully crafted articles throughout 2017 raising this magnificent sum. Thank you so much to our very good friends Jean, Lena and Margot for this brilliant effort on our behalf.